the Everything Star Wars Blogathon: wrap-up

*Yub Nub plays*

The Everything Star Wars Blogathon is over, y’all, and I am in LOVE with how amazingly everyone turned out for it. We had a plethora of posts covering everything from the prequel trilogy (I looooved all the prequel love!) to Disney Star Wars to character studies, and SO MUCH MORE. (I think the only thing not really covered was Star Wars novels. Oh well. :D) I’m planning to go through and leave a comment on each one, so be looking for that!

I’m just going to link to the amazing Katie’s wrap-up post for all the links to the different entries (you can also find those links in my intro post to the blogathon). I was kind of out of it for much of the blogathon, but she kept everything running smoothly. THANK YOU, Katie!!!

And I haven’t discussed this with her yet, but I think we should do this next year! Star Wars is such a huge fandom/franchise that I’m sure new posts could be written about it for decades without interest fading…oh wait, that’s exactly what’s happened (and continues to happen). *grins* So let’s plan for it! Another Everything Star Wars blogathon next year, sometime in October. ❤

Have a fantastic evening, all you Star Wars fans out there! Maybe you’d consider spending it in a galaxy far, far away?

*Force theme swells*


3 thoughts on “the Everything Star Wars Blogathon: wrap-up

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  1. Thank YOU for suggesting the blogathon and hosting it with me!!! So much enthusiasm and awesomeness! 😀


    *already starts casting about for new Star Wars post ideas*

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