new HAVOK story: “water for gold”

We interrupt this week of Tolkien-themed activities for a very special announcement…

I have a new story out on Havok Publishing’s website today, and you can read it here! Water for Gold is very special to me because it’s a bona fide, true-blue Western. Marshal Ben has to escort outlaw Jack Chase across the desert to Fort Smith. But Ben also wants to know where Chase hid some stolen gold, so he hatches a plan to find the cache en route. No fantasy or sci-fi elements, just a straight-up tale of the Old West. Honestly, I wasn’t sure Havok would accept it, as they’re more well-known for their speculative fiction. But they did, and I’m so happy!

Also, I had fun with the casting.

James Garner as Ben / Bruce Dern as Chase

Water for Gold is free for anyone to read today only—after that, you’ll need to buy a Havok membership to access it. And if you do read Water for Gold, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I enjoyed writing it! (If not more so, hehe.)


P.S. Happy Tolkien Day, everyone! And happy birthday to Frodo and Bilbo as well!


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