dream casting ‘the great gatsby.’

Hello, old sports!

For the past several days, I’ve been collaborating with my friend Katie H. to bring you what is quite possibly the greatest dream cast of all time. (Get it?) It all started when I watched No Way Home for the first time and thought that Andrew Garfield would make an excellent Nick Carraway. Mainly because Andrew Garfield is good in every role—but also, I was already happily anticipating the numerous memes that would come of having ‘Spider-Man’ play Nick not once, but twice.

the kind of quality memery I’d expect to see.

Anyway. Knowing that Katie is as much a fan of Andrew Garfield as I am, I sent her a DM with my thoughts on Andrew-Garfield-as-Nick. She responded back with a suggestion that we just cast the whole of Gatsby (along with a genius idea for casting Gatsby himself) and well…here we are!

Now, without further speechifying, here is our dream cast for The Great Gatsby.

Owl Eyes: Josh Gad

Eva: Having only read The Great Gatsby once, I’m not super familiar with the minor characters. But when Katie suggested that Josh Gad play the vaguely bookish, somewhat inebriated, and very clueless Owl Eyes, I knew it was meant to be. XD To be sure, Owl Eyes is a minor role—but Josh Gad would make the absolute most of it.

Katie: He would indeed. He would milk every drop out of those scenes, especially the funeral. Besides, the only definite thing we know about Owl Eyes from the novel is that he looks like an owl. Josh Gad also looks like an owl. Ergo, Josh Gad as Owl Eyes is a no-brainer.

Mr. Wilson: Nicolas Cage

Katie: Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t want to see Nicolas Cage sneak up behind Jay Gatsby and shoot him. You know you want to. The memes, you guys. Imagine the memes.

Eva: I’m just laughing so much picturing this. I am not a fan of Nicolas Cage (he’s probably my least favorite actor, to be quite honest) and neither am I a fan of Mr. Wilson. So…I APPROVE OF THIS CASTING. I believe that Nic Cage could pull off Mr. Wilson’s patheticness and weepiness very well.

Myrtle Wilson: Billie Piper

Eva: I think Myrtle mayyyy have been the casting choice Katie and I struggled with the most, simply because she has a particular look that not many actresses have. In the end, we looked to the other side of the pond for inspiration–British films and TV shows seem to have more actors and actresses who look like ‘real’ people. Billie Piper is a fantastic actress with a wildness to both her physical appearance and acting. I can very easily picture her playing Myrtle Wilson, in all her…flashy vulgarity.

Katie: I’ll be honest, I’ve had a crush on Billie Piper since her Doctor Who days. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. As Eva says, her beauty is of a raw, earthy type you don’t often see in Hollywood, where polished daintiness is the order of the day. And that won’t do for Mrs. Wilson. You need somebody with a bit more “animal magnetism.”

Jordan: Saoirse Ronan

Katie: Not only does Saoirse Ronan have the perfect look for Jordan Baker with her lean frame and strong, masculine features, but she already has an impressive period drama resume (Little Women, Ammonite). Plus, she’s a brilliant actress who elevates every single movie she appears in. What’s not to love?

Eva: It takes zero effort for me to imagine Saoirse in the role. She would be amazing as Jordan, full stop.

Tom: Bradley Cooper

Eva: The main thing Katie and I looked for when trying to cast Tom was an actor who is physically imposing. Not just strong, but that sort of brutish strength. Chris Hemsworth had the muscles…but he’s just too sweet! After all, Tom is truly despicable–a bully with zero respect for women. In the end, we settled on Bradley Cooper. He’s tall, muscular, and a little frightening. Chilling, even.

Katie: Bradley Cooper terrifies me. That is all.

Eva: See? XD

Daisy: Amanda Seyfried

Katie: We agonized for days dramatic sigh over Daisy Buchanan’s casting before finally settling on Amanda Seyfried. Sheesh, we must have rejected six or seven other actresses! But Amanda seems like a good fit. After all, she’s made a career out of playing ~delicate flower~ types like Daisy. I think she’d be able to balance Daisy’s projected sweetness and innocence with her shallow, selfish core.

Eva: The more I think about it, the more I like Amanda Seyfried in the role. She has an almost fragile presence on-screen, one that would be such a great contrast to Bradley Cooper. It would be easy to sympathize with her–at first. And I would very much enjoy seeing what Seyfried did as the story progressed and the audience got to see more of Daisy’s selfish thoughtlessness.

Nick: Andrew Garfield

Eva: I’ve seen Andrew Garfield in a few different movies and he’s always knocked me out with just how great of an actor he is. Seems like just about every one of his performances is one for the ages. Nick is a quiet guy, mostly hanging around in the background and observing the tragedy unfolding before his eyes. (He really only steps in and Accomplishes Things after Gatsby dies.) I have every confidence that Andrew could convey Nick’s thoughts and feelings–even without a lot of dialogue.

And there is a 500% chance he’d break my heart by the film’s end. That’s always a plus. XD

Katie: Mmhhmmmmmm. We are massive Andrew Garfield fangirls around here. THIS IS AN ANDREW GARFIELD STAN BLOG.

And if I may be pedantic for a moment–Nick is really the central figure of The Great Gatsby. That’s what a lot of readers don’t understand, because it’s so easy to get caught up in Gatsby’s allure. I want this movie adaptation to truly focus on Nick, which means we need an actor who can carry the weight of that role. Andrew Garfield could handle it beautifully.

Eva: AMEN.

Gatsby: Dan Stevens

Katie: Dan Stevens, ladies and gentlemen. Dan Stevens as Jay Gatsby. THE BLUE EYES ALONE. I rest my case. Sure, I know he’s moved away from his period drama roots since Downton Abbey, but if anything could tempt him to return, I think it would be a role as iconic as Gatsby.

Eva: I may or may not have screamed internally when Katie suggested Dan Stevens for the role of Gatsby. That blond hair, those blue eyes, that gorgeous smile! Yep. One hundred percent Gatsby. And on a less cough shallow level, we’ve seen Dan pine over (seemingly) unreachable women in both Downton Abbey and Beauty and the Beast. He is such a good actor and would be truly brilliant as Gatsby. Plus, he’d also break my heart. Him and Andrew Garfield both. </3

Katie: Which is exactly what we want. Right, ladies?

So! You’ve reached the end of our dream cast. What did you think? Did any of our choices make you jump up and down with excitement? (The ultimate goal of any dream cast-er.) (Well, besides seeing one’s casting actually come true on the big screen.) (As if that ever happens.) (At least one can dream.)

If you’re looking for more Gatsby-themed enthusiasm, be sure to check out Katie’s blog post as well (same dream cast, but different pics and intro/outro—worth a visit!). And until next time…*attempts to offer a smile with a quality of eternal reassurance in it*…consider rereading The Great Gatsby. It really is great.


9 thoughts on “dream casting ‘the great gatsby.’

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  1. (To the comment thread you have with Katie: When an author only deigns to mention a hair color when the book is nearly done, then the reader has free reign to picture the character with whatever hair they so desire.)

    I just finished commenting to Katie about the Spider-Man/Nick Caraway connection you two have drawn here, so it pleased me immensely to see you talking about it here. THE MEMES. The rain of memes that would come pouring down the internet would be great.

    The very aesthetic of this post made me beam. And there was much jumping up and down with excitement. 😀


  2. Another fun dream cast post! *applauds*

    Also, I love that you used all black-and-white photos for this. Gives it an edge of authenticity, eh, what? 😀


  3. First of all, WHY did I not think of putting the pics in black & white?? Omg so rude

    Just kidding, yours are absolutely gorgeous ❤ I'm especially jealous of that photo you found of Amanda Seyfried with bobbed hair.


    1. Heehee!

      Okay, but I just read somewhere yesterday that Daisy actually has DARK hair in the book??? Can you confirm or deny that??


      1. ………. wut

        Okay, yes, I just confirmed this in the book. Fitzgerald doesn’t mention Daisy’s hair color til Chapter 8 (the next to last chapter!!), but there he does say she has “shining dark hair.”

        However, since Fitzgerald only saw fit to mention this fact about Daisy ONCE, and spent most of his time rhapsodizing about her voice, her smile, etc. (especially her voice), I think it’s fair to conclude her hair color isn’t really that important XD

        So our dream casting is safe, lol!


      2. Ah yes, yes! I fully agree. And if the director did want to be more book-accurate, Amanda Seyfried could probably pull off darker hair. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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