movie review: flightplan (2005).

Whenever I become obsessed with interested in a new actor, I usually end up watching movies that I would never have watched otherwise. That was the case with Flightplan, which I watched solely for Sean Bean. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by just how much I enjoyed the film in general. (Though Sean Bean remains my favorite part. *wink*)

So what is Flightplan about? Jodie Foster plays Kyle, an American aviation engineer who is heading back to the States (from Germany) with her young daughter Julia and the body of her recently deceased husband. While en route to America, Julia disappears. Kyle is understandably frantic—how on earth could a child disappear from a plane that has been searched top to bottom? As Kyle’s fear and paranoia grows, questions arise in the minds of the crew as to whether or not Julia even existed in the first place.

It’s a bit hard to talk about Flightplan in detail because it’s best if you experience it spoiler-free. That’s what I did and I LOVED all the plot twists. What I can comment on, however is the cast. (Also: James Horner composed the soundtrack. So there’s that.)

Jodie Foster is great as a panicked, yet determined woman with a singular mission: find her child. Peter Sarsgaard is Gene, a sky marshal who acts as a liaison between Kyle and the captain. Sarsgaard was great in the role. And then, of course, there is dear Sean Bean as Captain Rich. As I mentioned already, he’s my favorite part of the film. The captain is in a pretty difficult situation, dealing with an distraught passenger who may or may not be delusional. But he does such a good job. Favorite character. ❤

(Do you know how rare it is for Sean Bean to play a good guy AND *spoilers* survive as well? It’s rare. But it’s what happens in Flightplan, so yay!)

To sum it all up: if you enjoy well-made, well-paced thrillers, The Lady Vanishes (1938), and/or Sean Bean, I highly recommend Flightplan!

This review is a belated contribution to 18 Cinema Lane’s Travel Gone Wrong Blogathon, under the ‘Horrifyingly Wrong’ category.

Have you watched Flightplan? Do you enjoy thrillers? Let me know in the comments!


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  1. Not sure how much it interests you, as frankly the theatrical version is mediocre. The director’s cut is a big improvement, but it also adds some nudity. That said, Sean Bean also survives in the movie Troy. I’m not sure if you could call him a protagonist as the movie tries to make you sympathize with both sides of the war, but he’s definitely not an antagonist. Oh, and he’s one of the few major characters to actually survive the movie. Orlando Bloom is also among the survivors, making it two members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

    As for Flightplan, I remember enjoying the trailers when it first came out, but I never got around to seeing it. I like the sound of not knowing whether Jodi Foster’s character is crazy or not for a good chunk of the movie


    1. I am interested in seeing Troy at some point! Mainly for Sean Bean, hehe. Thanks for giving me some more details about it (and warning me of the nudity in the director’s cut :P).

      If you ever get a chance to watch Flightplan, I think you’d enjoy it!


  2. Good review and thanks for joining my blogathon! Since you’re a fan of Sean Bean, you should check out my review for the 1994 film/mini-series ‘Scarlett’. Yes, Sean portrays a villain. But I did enjoy seeing his performance in that movie. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

    Take 3: Scarlett Review


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