a movie ranking: Christian Bale.

I think that Christian Bale an utterly fascinating actor with amazing screen presence. I always enjoy seeing him in a film (even when he’s playing a bad guy…muahaha)–I’m excited to chat about the movies I’ve seen him in! So without further ado, here’s my list. (Rankings determined by how much I liked the film, the character Christian Bale played, and his acting in general.)

3:10 to Yuma (2007) – I’ve only seen this film once, and that was years ago. I barely remember anything about it. I’m sure I enjoyed Bale’s performance, but I don’t feel qualified to rank 3:10 higher on this list.

The Dark Knight (2008) – This was Heath Ledger’s movie. Everyone knows it. He absolutely owned Gotham and the film itself. That’s not to say BatBale didn’t get some good moments! But he tends to fade into the background, even in a film that’s named after him. It’s not his fault though. Heath Ledger was simply too genius for there to be room for both of them on the screen.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012) – As with 3:10 to Yuma, I haven’t seen this film in an age. I appreciated how Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale showed that the life of a superhero vigilante isn’t all cool action sequences and being everyone’s hero. Those action sequences? They take a physical and mental toll. Being everyone’s hero? Not so easy when you have to let the world believe you’re the villain. There’s a lot to like in this film and Christian Bale remains consistently great as both Batman and Bruce Wayne. If I’d seen The Dark Knight Rises more recently, it may very well have been higher on this list.

Little Women (1994) – Everyone loves Laurie! He’s so…lovable. =) I’ve seen maaaany different adaptions of Little Women, and Christian Bale remains my favorite Laurie. He’s sweet, intense, careless, kind, appropriately dissipated in Europe, and all in all a very charming, heartwarming fellow (minus the Europe thing).

Equilibrium (2002) – Confession: I’ve only watched the first half or so of this film. BUT GUYS. I absolutely LOVED Christian Bale’s performance! So amazing. An emotionless robot at first (for a bit, I thought he literally was a robot, and that that would be the movie’s big reveal), but then he gradually thaws (not before he killed Sean Bean though *sadness*). The scene with the record player? Or the rainy window?? Or THE PUPPY??? Ugh, so good.

Newsies (1992) – I C O N I C. That’s what this film is. Simply iconic. Christian Bale sings and dances and leads a rebellion against Joseph Pulitzer. What more could you ask for?

The Prestige (2006) – Mmm, I almost put The Prestige in the top slot because Christian Bale’s acting is simply too good. Having my mind blown by the reveal at the end remains one of my favorite movie-watching moments of all time. However. The character Bale plays (trying to skirt around spoilers here) is a pretty awful person. Blah. I can’t decide which one is worse–him or Hugh Jackman’s character–but my dislike of Borden is enough to keep The Prestige from being my favorite Christian Bale movie. That honor goes to…

Batman Begins (2005) – Oh, I LOVE this movie. So much. The whole trilogy is in its own class (where superhero films are concerned), but the first film will always be my favorite. (And I think it’s of higher quality than The Dark Knight. Yes, I said it.) Christian Bale does a nearly impeccable job of portraying both Bruce Wayne and Batman (the only thing I don’t like about his performance is the super-fake deep voice he uses when he’s Batman). I truly don’t have enough good things to say about Batman Begins. Batman/Bruce Wayne might not be Christian Bale’s flashiest, meatiest role, but it’s the one I love best.

Have you seen any of these films? Do you agree or disagree with any of my rankings? What’s your favorite Christian Bale movie? Let me know in the comments! ❤


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  1. The only two on this list I’ve seen are the two Batman movies. I have also seen Swing Kids though, which came out the year after Newsies. It takes place in pre-World War II Germany, and it’s about a handful of teenagers who prefer American and British pop culture over the “civilized” culture that the Nazi party was pushing, to the point where there are consequences. It’s not quite a great movie, but it’s still good, and it works as a grim history lesson on how 1930’s Germany affected even average German citizens.


  2. NEWSIES!!! 😍😍 Oh how I love that movie and all of its flaws. 👏👏👏

    Yesss, I felt that way about The Prestige too. I think that was kind of the point? Which always chills me and makes me think too hard for many days after when that happens. 😂


    1. I was obsessed with Newsies as a teenager–and I still love it! I even got to see a high school production live (twice!).

      The Prestige is its own kind of freaky!

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  3. First post under the new name – woohoo! 😀 I can see why you wanted to generalize your theme a bit more (and, like you said before, who needs craziness?). Does the change from “coffee” to “caffeinated” mean you’re open to other sources of caffeine, too? 😉 Kidding. Actually, I see why you wanted to keep “caffeine” in your name – since it seems to be an important element of your process as a writer. 🙂

    I’ve seen a few of these films. The 1994 Little Women is one of my favorites and was very important to me when I was growing up…It was my introduction to this iconic story, and I clicked with Jo immediately. (My friends and I watched it in school together for the first time, which sparked a long tradition of reenacting / making up our own scenes on the playground during recess. I was ALWAYS Jo.) Winona Ryder is still my favorite Jo, even though I know she’s a little different than the original. (I heard her described once as “theater camp Jo”, and I think that fits her perfectly!)

    But as much as I love Little Women (and rewatching Newsies has been a to-do list item of mine for well over year!), I don’t think I appreciate Christian Bale as much as you do. But to connect him to the Thanksgiving season, did you know one of his early roles was as the voice of Thomas in Disney’s animated Pocahontas? 😀 I remember getting a Disney fan magazine as a kid and reading these mini-interviews with the members of the cast (one of my favorite features of the magazine…I’d read and re-read them!). The article included a picture of each actor (there was one of Mel Gibson and every single one of the other stars). I distinctly remember seeing Christian Bale’s picture for the first time, and thinking, “Oooo…He’s pretty!” 😀 So, I guess Thomas may be my favorite Christian Bale role. 🙂 (This was actually the year AFTER he did Little Women, but I must’ve seen Pocahontas first with some time between the two. I remember it took me forever realize Thomas and Laurie were BOTH the guy with the pretty picture, because his voice was so different!)


    1. Haha, I’ll stick to coffee! 😀 And yes, coffee is VERY important to my life. Sooo good.

      YES. The ’94 Little Women is amazing and I LOVE Winona Ryder as Jo!!! She’s my favorite Jo, even if (like you said) she’s not always one hundred percent accurate to the book. I just love her energy and enthusiasm in the role. So fun that you and your friend shared the film in that way!

      I did know about Bale voicing a character in Pocahontas! It’s funny–I watched Pocahontas for the first time soon after becoming interested in Bale through the Batman films. I thought Thomas sounded familiar (even though I’d only ever heard Bale with an American accent) and so my sister looked up the cast of the film…and sure enough! A fun little moment. And yes, he’s very pretty. 😀 Hearing him with a British accent messes me up though lol. (Not in Pocahontas, since I can’t see his voice, but in behind the scenes interviews and stuff.)

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