my favorite fictional romantic moments.

Since I haven’t posted anything gushy and fandom-related in a while, I thought I’d write this post to fangirl over some of my favorite fictional couples. Although I dislike most romance novels (as in, stories that are totally centered around a romantic relationship), there are many, many fictional couples that I wholeheartedly ship. And there are a few romantic moments between those couples that make me squeal internally (and/or tear up). Here are a lot of them!

The Nod – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Yondu’s funeral. Everyone’s teary. (Except *cough* a certain friend of mine who shall remain nameless.)

Peter turns to see Gamora looking at him. “What?”

“Just…some unspoken thing.”

And then THE NOD HE GIVES HER. (Yes, call me crazy. It’s ‘just a nod’. BUT I SWEAR.) So full of understanding and softness and a hint of “I told you so” because it’s Peter Quill after all. Made my heart melt for him AND ship them the first time I saw GotG2. Chris Pratt, y’all.

The heart of Éowyn changes – The Lord of the Rings

Really, the entire section in ‘The Steward and the King’ where Faramir gently helps Éowyn is golden and perfect. But the moment where she realizes that she does actually love Faramir? *cries*

Steve and Peggy’s dance – Avengers: Endgame

I don’t think I have to explain why I love this moment. Literally getting choked up just thinking about it. It was the moment we’d all been waiting for ever since Steve’s “I had a date” way back in 2011. And eight years later, Marvel Studios delivered. Not only that, it was the final scene of the Infinity Saga. The perfect capstone (*snickers*) to an era of spectacular films centered around flawed, yet intensely lovable characters.

‘Priority of Life’ – Flashpoint

Bit of context, because this police procedural show isn’t well known: in this episode, a police officers is trapped in a lab where gases have been released and will soon reach lethal levels. Another police officer (who loves the trapped officer) goes into the lab to rescue the civilians. One of the guys watching the rescue is sure that this officer will break the ‘priority of life’ rule and save his girlfriend before saving the civilians.

But the officer doesn’t. He walks past the love of his life and watches her lose consciousness as he puts the civilians’ lives before hers–because that’s his job. It’s so heartbreaking and heroic. </3

(They do both make it out alive in the end, thank goodness.)

“I said ‘what if?'” – Tooth Fairy

(Tooth Fairy is a comedic masterpiece and you must watch it!)

This squeal-worthy moment comes in the last few moments of the film. Dwayne Johnson’s character (Derrick) finally proposes to his girlfriend and, while I’ve seen a lot of on-screen proposals in my day, this one always gets to me in a special way. (Along with Hobart’s proposal to Bea in Ramona & Beezus.) Maybe it’s because it so perfectly shows how much Derrick has changed throughout the film. Anyway, I love it.

The ‘So Close’ dance – Enchanted

As I’ve said before, I consider this dance the most romantic in any Disney film. The combination of the song lyrics, the dreamy lighting, the fact that Robert sings to Giselle…simply the best!

Everything about Robin and Marian – BBC’s Robin Hood

Yep. I can’t pick a favorite moment between these two. Every time they’re together (and every time Marian’s leitmotif kicks in), I LITERALLY CAN’T. (Probably because I know what’s going to happen and it breaks my heart. But also because they’re one of the most perfect couples ever.) Yes, they can be infuriating at times. At the end of the day though, it’s Robin and Marian! You can’t stay mad at them!

(I’d also like to point out that I haven’t met a version of Robin and Marian that I don’t wholeheartedly ship. Book, movie, TV show. They’re simply Meant To Be.)

Emma realizes – Emma

Any adaption, I don’t care. (Including Clueless.)

Emma’s realization that no one should marry Mr. Knightley but her is pitch-perfect. For the first time in her life, Emma wants something, someone…and it’s impossible (or so she thinks). This may not seem like one of the most romantic moments, but I think it is. Like Éowyn, Emma finally knows her own heart. She’d never even considered Mr. Knightley as a potential partner before that moment, but now they have a chance of being a couple! (Even if she doesn’t think so.)

Katniss and Peeta grow back together – the Hunger Games trilogy

After suffering so much, in so many ways, the fact that these two characters can finally have the relationship they’ve both longed for is both beautiful and poignant. Poignant because Prim isn’t there to be happy for them. Neither is Katniss’ dad or mom. But Katniss and Peeta become their own family. ❤

Suzanne Collins spends very little time talking about Katniss’ life after she returns to District 12, but she does say enough for us to know that Katniss and Peeta don’t have a perfect happily ever after. There are still nightmares, PTSD, healing and hurting. However, they finally have each other and, eventually, kids–and that is what pulls them through the hardest times.

“You were my new dream.” “And you were mine.” – Tangled

Reader, I cried.

And still do.

What do you think of my list? What are some of your favorite fictional ships/scenes with that ship? Let me know in the comments! ❤


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  1. Yes! to so many of these, but particularly the “So Close” dance in Enchanted. I KNOW RIGHT?! People don’t understand how flippin’ cute and romantic that scene is. I never would have picked that song to work, but it really does, and the cinematography and stylistic choices are just… perfection. ❤


  2. Oh, I like a lot of these too. My favorite HG moment is in Catching Fire (that movie is my favorite of all of them) on the beach when Peeta gives her the locket and says she has people who need her and he doesn’t and she says she needs him. LOVE that scene!

    Also in How to Steal a Million in the closet when clueless Nicole figures out why Simon is doing all this absurd plot with (for) her.

    There are so many I like, again like you, not often in pure romance movies, but romances within other genres.


    1. Oh my goodness, that’s such a sweet moment between Katniss and Peeta! :*)

      I haven’t seen all of How to Steal a Million, but that scene you mentioned makes me want to give it another try!


  3. “Although I dislike most romance novels (as in, stories that are totally centered around a romantic relationship), there are many, many fictional couples that I wholeheartedly ship.” YES. So many romance books, or books with a heavy romantic subplot, end up being…yucky. But there ARE many beautiful couples!

    Guardians! Steve and Peggy! Tangled!


    So many good and lovely moments on here!


    1. The romance genre will always be my least favorite. 😛 (Besides horror, which I haven’t really read, so I’m not sure it counts anyway.)

      Glad you enjoyed this post. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Captain America’s conclusion in Endgame isn’t just a great romantic moment either. Of all the Avengers, he’s the one most deserving of a happy ending. He spends pretty much the entirety of his superhero career risking his life, almost inviting sacrificing himself to save others. Sure, several of the others did make that ultimate sacrifice, but the one guy who proved he was willing to as soon as he jumped on that grenade before he even became a super soldier ends up getting the happy ending he deserves. The music playing in that slow dance scene really sells it too.

    Tangled has several great romantic moments. The entire lantern sequence is almost perfectly done. The “You were my dream” lines are heartbreaking, and the delivery is so convincing.

    I’ve seen a handful of episodes of Flashpoint. Great show, and from what I’ve heard, one of the more accurate police shows when it comes to both procedure and how the job affects the officers’ mental states.

    Not sure if you’re all that much into video games, but I’ll add one for the sake of variety. Nate and Elena Drake in Uncharted 4. They played the trope of their on and off again relationship a bit too much in the first three games (probably at its worst in 3), but by the time Uncharted 4 begins, they’re married. One of the earlier scenes is just a simple moment where they’re on the couch together, competing in a game to see who has to do the dishes. It’s not the most romantic moment in the game, but it’s a nice little glimpse into what their daily lives are like.


    1. That’s so true, how much Steve deserves a happy ending!

      Tangled managed to create a believable romance that only had two or three days to develop. They totally sold it though! The impact of those quotes just shows how well the romance works.

      One thing I like about Flashpoint is how it’s set in Canada and some of the locations are recognizable for a former Ontario resident like me. Super cool.

      That sounds like a really sweet moment for that video game couple!



    Honored, as always, to be your Certain Friend Who Shall Remain Nameless. 😉

    Great post! You highlighted so many sweet moments ❤ Steve and Peggy's dance is definitely my favorite, and I'm frankly tired of hearing people grumble about how Steve's choice to travel back in time was wrong or unethical or out-of-character or what-not. JUST LET MY BOI BE HAPPY, OKAY?!?!


  6. Ooh, that first picture is PRETTY. *heart eyes*

    A while back I had the idea to make a YouTube video about my favorite “grand romantic gestures” — which isn’t a facet of romance that I usually swoon over, but there are a few. 😉 Anyway, this post reminded me of that!

    FARAMIR & EOWYN AND ROBIN & MARIAN. *cries* Pictures of R&M always make me emotional. Always.


  7. Like you, I sobbed at the end of the Avengers with that dance (more than a certain someone being killed off) and that dance in Enchanted. I heard they are making an Enchanted sequel, I do hope it honours the original – it’s a fabulous movie with an adorable quirky soundtrack!


    1. I do cry more at Tony’s death than the dance…but the dance is SO perfect in every single way. Definitely a tear-jerking moment.

      I’m pretty apprehensive about the Enchanted sequel. So, like you, I do hope it honors the original! 😉

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