twenty-five reasons Christmas time is the best time

1. The Christmas season feels like hope and light and everything good in the world. It lightens your heart and shakes up your life–and in a good way, not like a certain stupid virus.

2. The mall is Christmas-themed. In fact, everything is Christmas-themed. AWESOME.

3. It’s time to break out all those movies you only watch in December. Home Alone! How the Grinch Stole Christmas! It’s a Wonderful Life! Nobody’s going to blame you for doing a little bingeing, so go for it.

4. And you’ll probably have a bunch of new Christmas flicks to enjoy as well. Each Christmas season, streaming services, film companies, and even TV channels (Hallmark!) put out fresh Christmas content for their consumers. Sure, most of them won’t become hugely popular classics, but they’re fun for an afternoon or evening.

5. You can listen to your favorite Christmas carol in a million different renditions. If it’s a Christmas song, chances are that it’s been covered, re-mixed, and arranged into oblivion. Go to Youtube, search for Your Christmas Song, and enjoy all the unique ways people have played/performed it.

6. ‘Tis the season of gifting. So I know that Christmas has been turned into this big materialistic thing (in part, anyway). But you know what? I love Christmas shopping. And buying gifts for people. It’s my jam. So I’ll be another capitalist consumer, ’cause it makes me happy.

7. The tree. My family got a beautiful tree this year (I think it’s the best one we’ve had so far) and I just looooove it. I read an article that suggested sleeping under the Christmas tree for a fun activity and, yeah, I’m totally doing that. Probably on Christmas Eve.

8. Watching Home Alone. I know I already mentioned it, but IT IS LITERAL NEAR-PERFECTION.

9. The colors. You’ve got your standard red and green and gold, which I love. But then there’s also blue and white and silver…which I also love. Either way, you’ll be surrounded by gorgeous colors during Christmas time.

10. People are nicer, and there’s a spirit of camaraderie. I really don’t care about ‘the war on Christmas’. We shouldn’t be looking to the media/stores to reinforce the spiritual side of Christmas. Someone wants to say ‘Happy holidays!’ instead of ‘Merry Christmas!’? That’s fine. Bottom line is, people are nicer. Which is lovely.

11. The Christmas season gives people something to focus on besides…you know. Enough said.

12. There’s a focus on fun, joy-making activities. During Christmas time, people tend to think about things to do instead of just working, eating, browsing the internet, and sleeping. There are so many different Christmas activities awaiting!

13. It’s the perfect time of year to share the gospel. You’ve got a great opportunity to talk about the Reason for the season. Christmas-themed gospel tracts, anyone?

14. The decorations. I’ve already touched on the tree, but there’s so many other great ways to decorate as well. My mom has gone, um, rather crazy with buying and making Christmas decorations this year, but at least it makes the house look awesome. 😉

15. Alllllll the hot (and cold) drinks. Peppermint mocha Frappuccinos from Starbucks? SAY NO MORE. And then there’s also your usual hot chocolate, coffee, etc. Egg nog, if that’s your thing (I’ve never actually had it, I don’t think).

16. You can go crazy baking insanely yummy treats. Calories don’t count at Christmas time. (Okay, they do. But that can just be our little secret.)

17. It’s a great excuse for reaching out to family members and friends you may have grown apart from over the year. “Merry Christmas! I know it’s been a while since we’ve talked, but I hope you’re doing well. How about a phone call @ [insert time]? I’d love to catch up.”

18. A whole new wardrobe awaits (well, okay, maybe a few select pieces that get you in the holiday mood). *currently wearing cozy Christmas sweater*

19. Narnia is best at this time of year. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, that is. Not all the Narnia books/movies have a wintery aesthetic. But if at all possible, watch/read LWW this year! We all need a magical world to disappear into this year.

20. There are great Christmas books out there to read. As I was just saying with LWW! I’m reading A Christmas Carol today. Never gets old. ❤

21. You (hopefully!) get to fill at least one person’s stocking. My family draws names, so each person get a stocking to fill (it’s supposed to remain a secret, but several people usually figure out who has who by Christmas Day). It’s fun picking out little gifts to give someone an extra burst of holiday cheer (and candy!).

22. You cannot remain sad while listening to this. Not possible.

23. Did I mention Home Alone? IT’S JUST THAT GOOD.

24. The heady anticipation that culminates in ripping open a thousand gifts, eating way too much junk food, and spending time with awesome people. You mean we have to wait until next year to do it all over again?

25. Jesus. If you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit this year, that’s okay. Focus on Jesus, and your world will be put to rights regardless. He’s still alive and He can still make everything all right if you’ll trust Him.

Have I forgotten anything on this list? What are some activities, movies, music, etc. that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year for YOU? Let me know in the comments!


16 thoughts on “twenty-five reasons Christmas time is the best time

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    1. Fair enough–Mom doesn’t like the movies much either. 😀

      You are the second person to tag me with that today, so now I definitely need to do it!


  1. I love Christmas. I love the decor, dressing up, the desserts, the gifts, shopping, scents, music, the coziness, traditions old and new, everything!

    Narnia IS the best at Christmas. That is one of our traditions as is White Christmas. And of course, Hallmark. Yes, its cheesy, but it’s so nice and cozy and homey and all that.

    I plan on enjoying several old Christmas classics that I’ve not seen via Disney+. I love that they had them all where I could find a bunch to see as well a Christmas episodes of various shows.

    I feel like when people grouch on the materialism or advertising or whatever about Christmas are kind of doing the same thing, missing the point? Christmas is what you make it. No one is forcing anyone else to buy a million gifts or anything. If one doesn’t like Christmas, don’t celebrate, but let other people celebrate.


    1. Yep, we still need to watch White Christmas this year, but we will. And also YES to the Hallmark movies. They’re pretty cringy, but the vibes, people! The vibes!

      Oh yeah, the holiday collection is great on Disney+. Have fun!

      Exactly! If someone’s having fun buying a ton of gifts, don’t criticize them. If someone is just focusing on spending time with family, don’t criticize them. Christmas is different for everyone. ❤


  2. Yup, I specifically picked up the Home Alone 4K Blu-Ray a couple of months back. I generally stick to movies known for either brilliant special effects or their otherwise amazing visuals for 4K Blu-Ray, but Home Alone was one of my childhood favourite Christmas movies, and it’s aged surprisingly well.

    A lot of people like to rat out on Home Alone 2, but it’s not all that bad either. Just not as good as the first one.


    1. When I first watched Home Alone 2, I thought of it as almost totally on-par with the first movie. Watching it this year, I realize that it’s definitely not as good (complete re-hash of the first film, but without the same amount of heart imo). But I’ll still watch it every Christmas.

      Have you seen any of the other Home Alone movies? I haven’t, but since they’re all on Disney+ I feel as though I will at some point (though I’ve heard that they’re mostly garbage, with the third film having maybe a *few* redeeming qualities).


      1. I’ve seen all of them. I wrote a review for 4 and 5 on my old blog (wouldn’t really recommend checking it out though). In fact I saw Home Alone 3 in theaters when it came out.

        The third and fifth both have a couple of redeeming qualities. The third has a decent soundtrack, a couple of memorable lines, and some of the traps are kind of funny. Of course, if you take a couple of them out of context, they almost look and sound like they’re straight out of a horror movie.

        The fifth features a really annoying main family, but a bit of an interesting plot, and Malcolm McDowell playing the main thief. He actually brings a sense of energy and fun into the role that I really wasn’t expecting.

        Home Alone 4 is absolutely irredeemably bad though. It’s supposed to be a direct sequel to the first two, with Kevin starring, yet they picked an actor who looks 2 years younger than Kevin did in the first. In general, none of the “returning” characters look or sound anything alike the originals. The movie forgets that Kevin has four siblings, and only includes Buzz and one of his sisters. There’s this one “holiday spirit/dance” sequence that’s so cheesy you’ll get indigestion. And the movie features very few traps, and very lame ones at that. There’s plenty more that’s wrong with Home Alone 4, but I’ll leave it at that.

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  3. LOL…my family cannot wait to watch Home Alone…again! My husband said it is the best Christmas movie. I think It’s a Wonderful Life is, which we just watched last night.


    1. I cannot choose between those two movies! They are both utterly fantastic holiday classics. *heart eyes*


    1. Idk why but I almost always cry when I hear ‘Holly Jolly Christmas’. It’s a very upbeat song, but I gives me all the holiday feels for some reason. CHRISTMAS MUSIC JUST DOES THAT.

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