mini movie reviews {#10}

Incredibles 2 (2018) – Entertaining.  The animation was gorgeous to look at (even though this movie is more about the action than the aesthetics) and it was fun seeing all the characters again.  And the villain was pretty cool.  But it definitely wasn’t as perfect as the first movie. (What is?)

Ella Enchanted (2004) – Horrid, horrid, horrid.  The book is a gift, the movie is a curse.

Casino Royale (2006) – Okay, so it was very confusing and somewhat boring.  But Daniel Craig is very good-looking and the femme fatale was intriguing.  So the movie wasn’t a total loss.

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Hidalgo (2004) – An incredible western-that-is-not-a-western.  I can’t recommend it highly enough to fans of westerns, horses, exciting races, and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.  Based on a true story of a guy who entered his mustang in a famous Arabian race, ‘Hidalgo’ has everything: romance, a great soundtrack, action, and an epic character arc.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron (2002) – Literally Hidalgo 2.0 – but worse?  It was an okay movie and there were definitely parts I liked, but it was pretty meh overall.

The Theory of Everything (2014) – Started out strong, but got a little boring and pedantic.  Still, a powerful, moving story.  As a Christian, I obviously have problems with Stephen Hawking’s worldview, but I can still respect the tremendous struggles and triumphs of his life.  Eddie Redmayne was fantastic in the role. (And Felicity Jones is one of my top five favorite actresses, so yeah.)

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The Terminator (1984) – LOVED IT.  I had my reservations at first, but it was so, so good.  Action-packed, emotional, thoughtful, chilling, romantic…gahhh. (Apparently James Cameron has a thing for tragic romances.)

No Country for Old Men (2007) – When I showed this to some of my siblings, we were pretty evenly split in our opinions of this movie.  My oldest brother and I think it’s a fascinating cinematic tour de force.  And then another brother and sister thought it was a total waste of their time.  What do you think?

The Nun’s Story (1959) – Utterly fascinating.  I watched it for Audrey Hepburn but the story, characters, and sneak peek into the inner workings of a convent captured my interest fully.  ‘The Nun’s Story’ is almost three hours long, but that time flew past.

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Jaws (1975) – Yep.  I finally watched it.  I still much prefer ‘Jurassic Park’ though.

Good Will Hunting (1997) – *deep breath*  YOU GUYS.  I get it now.  I totally get why Robin Williams was – and is – a national treasure.  I CAN’T EVEN.  He…he did such a good job.  Totally grabbed my emotions and held them. (Also, young Matt Damon is super cute and I think it’s really cool that he and Ben Affleck wrote the screenplay.)

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So, what movies have you watched lately?  Anything good?


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    1. I think because it confused me so much I was bored by it because I didn’t understand the stakes.


  1. I’m going to have to put Hildago on my list, I’m trying to watch more Westerns. I watched The Big Country with Gregory Peck and Charleston Heston, and I loved that, I want to re-watch it. Also, the worst Hallmark/Western ever (don’t ask, I’m an idiot).

    I’ve watched My Man Godfrey which is a hilarious old rom-com with William Powell (who is definitely one of my favorite old actors).

    A few other Hallmarks (but not too many) and Hallmark mysteries (I’m “trying” to break myself from my dependency on this channel, started Monk, hopefully that helps, lol).
    Platinum Blonde (some funny lines, but overall, eh)
    Darkest Hour (interesting, but I was a bit lost, and I thought it a bit overdone)
    King’s Speech (ludicrous to me after Darkest Hour).
    Middlemarch miniseries. Makes me want to re-read the book.


    1. I saw The Big Country recently and quite enjoyed it. 🙂

      I’ve seen The King’s Speech, but not Darkest Hour. (I want to though.)


  2. The Incredibles 2, Hidalgo, Spirit . . . such wonderful movies, all. ❤

    Haha, the Ella Enchanted movie. It's kind of awful to me, but it also has nostalgia for me, so I have mixed feelings.

    I'm interested in The Theory of Everything and The Nun's Story.

    I haven't watched that many new movies lately . . . I did find a cute new chick-flick (The Wedding Planner) and re-watched the 2006 version of Jane Eyre. And then there was this really weird but kind of entertaining old movie with Christopher Walken and Susan Sarandon. XD


    1. I get the nostalgia thing. There are movies I really enjoy that aren’t necessarily ‘good’ movies – all because of nostalgia.

      I saw 2006’s Jane Eyre so long ago. I’m kind of interested in seeing it again ever since I learned that Georgia Henley played Young Jane. 😉


  3. Hidalgo!!!! I love that movie!!!! 😀

    I liked Incredibles 2 much better than Incredibles 1. I’m not sure why, except that the first movie left me feeling sort of . . . sad?

    I’ve never seen Spirit, but I listen to the soundtrack a lot, including the instrumentals (which is rare for me, as you know 😉 )

    Lately I’ve seen two movies, both very good: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, and Captain Marvel.


    1. Oh, I didn’t know you’d seen Hidalgo!

      Aw, but the first Incredibles movie is so triumphant. ❤ I looove it.

      Seen Guernsey, haven't seen Captain Marvel. But I do want to at some point.


      1. I have, yes!! I really enjoyed it because it’s such an inventive mix of settings and cultures.

        I definitely think my reaction to Incredibles 1 was “off” from the reaction the filmmakers intended. Like I can SEE why it feels like a happy & triumphant movie to you, and to most. (Perhaps I watched it at a bad time . . . ? Who knows.)

        I think you’ll love Captain Marvel, I really do. There’s a cat 😉


  4. I did not see most of these ,I had seen Hildago. I was not impressed by it. I heard it was based on a true story. I like westerns also mostly the older classics like with John Wayne ,but I do not like John Wayne’s old black and whote’s though.


  5. Incredibles 2 has better action than the first movie, and it’s a good continuation of the original’s story, but the first movie is better from a dramatic standpoint. Incredibles 2 is good enough that some people may prefer it over the original.

    I remember thinking that Hidalgo was ok, but that was also at a time when I was kind of in a transition phase with the kinds of movies I enjoyed. I’d probably enjoy it more now.

    I’m with you on Spirit. It’s not bad, and you can tell what they’re going for, but it’s just not anything special. Made early in DreamWorks years, so they were still figuring out their formula.

    Kind of surprised to see Terminator on here. Terminator 2 is the best of the series, and the rest of the series should probably be ignored.

    I prefer Jurassic Park over Jaws as well, but Jaws is a very well made film, and one that really helped springboard Steven Spielberg’s career.

    Good Will Hunting has been on my list of must watch movies for a while. I still haven’t found the time to see it yet. On that front, have you seen Dead Poets Society? That’s another one of Robin Williams’ legendary movies.


    1. I haven’t seen T2 yet (though I want to) but I have a feeling I’ll still prefer the first movie. But idk.

      Annnnd I haven’t seen Dead Poets Society, though that’s shot to the top of my to-watch list. 🙂


      1. I know you’ve mentioned language can be a turn-off, so I will warn you that T2 has plenty more swearing than the first. That said, you say now that you think you’d prefer T1. That’s because you haven’t seen the genius of T2 yet.


      2. I saw T1 with a language filter and I think that’s the only way I’d consider watching T2.

        If I DO end up liking T2 better, I will let you know.


    1. No, it isn’t. (There’s no romance, though there’s a hint of one that I really enjoyed.) But it’s very good all the same.

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